• Digit Recognition - 2
    Tests I carried out on MNIST dataset. Includes a single layer fully connected neural network, a basic CNN with and without regularization. I ultimately end up with a validation accuracy of 99.55%
  • Titan Fundamentals
    A basic introduction to the Titan Graph DB with starter code in Java. This post is more of a aggregation of useful pointers I found scattered in the web.
  • How Internet Works
    The nitty gritties of how the internet works and a brief explanation of what happens inside the computer when you navigate to a website
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis in less than 100 lines of code!
    An extremely simple sentiment analysis engine for Twitter, written in Java with Stanford's NLP library
  • An annoying puzzle
    One of the most interesting puzzles I have come across in recent times
  • Stockfish Port for Java
    A hacky java port of the famous Stockfish. Should be able to perform relatively simple tasks well. Might even be able to play a standard time controlled game of chess
  • 2 Layer Chess
    A crazy twist on my favorite game!
  • Control It configuration
    A step-by-step guide to configure the desktop client for Control It
  • Reinforcement Learning Based Chess
    A self-learning chess engine which learns from experience and gets better over time. Uses neural networks to modify Stockfish's evaluation algorithm.
  • Digit Recognition - 1
    Classifying the iconic USPS handwritten digits' dataset using SVM. Scikit-learn is used for most of the heavy lifting.
  • Building View Pagers in Android
    A tutorial on building dynamic views using Fragments
  • Sliding Window for Android
    A simple tutorial for adding Sliding Windows to Android apps
  • Android Views : List View
    A simple tutorial on Android's List View
  • A simple SMS app for Android
    A bare bones messaging app for Android without any bells and whistles